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Chili Recreation Department

Chili Recreation Department Identity

The Chili Recreation Department is a center in Western New York that provides after-school programs, camps, leisure opportunities, recreational facilities, and classes for all ages.

I designed a logo and updated their existing brand with the goal of creating a more cohesive, distinct identity for the Chili Recreation Department. It was developed to be cost-effective and easy to use, since most of the funding comes from the town and classes they offer, and a lot of their staff members are volunteers. This style guide provides information to keep the presentation of Chili Recreation materials in a more consistent way, so they can be recognized throughout the town. 

The client came to me with their logo, featured on the left. The new mark, on the right, takes inspiration from mazes and magnifying glasses—things often associated with exploration and discovery. I wanted to highlight the rich learning opportunity that Chili Rec presents through the classes, camps, and local events they offer; they really make sure that the community has a chance to explore and create in a fun and exciting way, no matter what age. 

There are three different options for the logo, the vertical one shown above, one horizontal, and one horizontal with the slogan for more professional uses. You can read about them in the Brand Book presented below.

The letterhead and business cards are lighthearted and fun to represent the spirit of the company, but still professional. Each employee at the Chili Recreation Department should have their own business card. The front contains personal information, while the back of the card remains the same for each employee. 

Stickers, like the one on the notebook, are easy to print and could be given out at events. 

Stickers, like the ones on the envelopes, are much more cost-effective than personalized envelopes—this is important for a small town-funded organization like Chili Recreation. They can easily be printed in-house, and can be added to make flyers, bills, or information pamphlets more professional. 

The shirts on the left can be screen printed and given to volunteer staff members. The polo shirt, embroidered on the right, are for full-time employees at Chili Recreation. 

The majority of Chili Recreation's internet presents is through Facebook. To book a class, one would have to go through the township's website, which is not intuitive and difficult to navigate. Using a Wordpress template, I designed a layout that would be easy for them to use and update with events, but also easy to sign up for all of the classes that Chili Recreation offers.

Click here to download a PDF with the logo ideation.