Visual Designer


CONTND (pronounced Contained) is a traveling participatory exhibition of performance art. In each gallery, visitors are invited to take part in the completion of each piece. Because different people are interacting differently with the pieces from city to city, the final pieces in each exhibit will be different too. 

The audience is invited to photograph their interactions with the gallery and upload it to Instagram using #CONTND. The images uploaded with that hashtag will be uploaded in realtime to the CONTND website on the “Explore” page. After two weeks, the final pieces in the gallery will be photographed and become a part of the permanent gallery that exists on the website.

The logo is in motion to demonstrate the transformation and movement of the pieces in the gallery. It will be used for social media posts, a guerrilla marketing campaign, and in the environmental design. 

The logo is different in each iteration to further illustrate the continuous change of the logo in motion and of the art pieces on display in the gallery. 

Guerilla marketing campaign using light projection outside.

User Flow to purchase a ticket on the CONTND Website.

To view the wireframes and more detailed photographs of the images used in this video, please click here

Brochure for each of the exhibition locations, featuring a description about the exhibit and an inspired poster on the back.

These illustrations of the museums that the gallery will be displayed in are going to be used on the website and as post cards.

Museum tags for visitors of the exhibit.

Environmental design for the gallery using light projections for the motion components.

Environmental design, using Nam June Paik's Random Access

Environmental design using Yoko Ono's Painting to Hammer a Nail.

Snapchat filters for visitors of the gallery.

Instagram posts from the CONTND account and from visitors of the exhibition. 

Gift Shop Merchandise.