Visual Designer

Positive Negative Magazine Volume 9

Positive Negative Volume 9

I was the Design Director for Volume 9 of Positive Negative Magazine. For this role, I set in place the typographic standards and styles, and personally edited each spread in the magazine to ensure their compliance. I also designed the cover, and am responsible for the lettering and design on the inside pages as well as the design of all three of my spreads.

Some names that are important to mention are our art directors, Jenna Hebeler and Kyra Krenitsky; the other Design Director, Nathan Gamson; our photo editors, Casey Franklin and Kallie Michelle Ferris, as well as Chelsea Clarke and Annie Wong from the production team, without whom this magazine wouldn't be possible.

The entire publication can be viewed here

This Volume won a Gold ADDY from Rochester Advertising Federation, a Gold ADDY from the American Advertising Federation: District 2, a Silver ADDY from the American Advertising Federation: National and a Creativity International Platinum award. My spread, Rebel With a Cause, won a silver addy from the Rochester Advertising Federation. 

I used acrylic paint to create numerous shapes on paper, smudging with both my hand and a paintbrush to create different textures. The top of the shape is clean and graphic, representing the positive part of Positive Negative, whereas the bottom breaks the circle and smudges to emulate the negative portion.

Photographed and composited by Casey Franklin.

Click Here to see the painting process for the Cover Art. 

The first page of the magazine is translucent with white "Positive Negative" printed on it, the page after it is a black 9. 

Photographed and illustrated by Kallie Michelle Ferris.

For this spread, I made a pen out of a soda can to create the title and ink splatters. The paper was ripped, crumpled, ink-splattered, and ashed on with cigarettes, while the body copy was typeset, printed, scanned, cut, and placed back into the spread, taking inspiration from DIY Punk Zines. 

Photographed by Kyra Krenitskiy

Click Here to download the process for Rebel With a Cause.

Rebel With a Cause won a Silver ADDY from the Rochester Advertising Federation. 

I manually applied the watercolor detail, and scanned it in layer by layer. 

Photographed by Chelsea Clarke.

Click Here to see the process for Elementary, The Forensics of Sherlock Holmes.

Photographed by Rachel Waller.

Click here to download the process for Nervous System.

Just like in the beginning of the book, the back has a translucent page over a painted 9. Here the colors are reversed to further emphasize the Positive Negative theme.